It is true that Kathmandu lies in an extremely fertile valley and that the climate is also very suitable for growing fruit. Despite this, there is a horrible shortage of healthy fruit; apples, raisins, papayas and other fruits are too expensive for many. There are many people who suffer from acute vitamin deficiency for this reason.

That is why Shanti Leprahilfe Dortmund e.V. started the Life Tree Project. You donate at least € 20 and we purchase a fruit tree with it. It provides life on several levels: first, the roots of every tree help to hold down the soil around the station in Budhanilkantha, which is located on a steep hillside. Especially during monsoon season, the slope is under constant threat of landslide. The roots from the trees help anchor the ground in place. Secondly, the fruits are distributed amongst the residents of Shanti so that they do not suffer from a lack of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Last but not least, the trees provide pleasant shade during hot summers.

Trees like these are a wonderful gift for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, achievements and other occasions. You might also let a living tree grow in memory of loved ones who've passed on.

As a confirmation of your donation, you'll receive an A4-sized certificate that bears the name of the donor or the person you wish to have commemorated. You can also name your personal wishes for this certificate according to the occasion. The certificate will be sent to you within 10 days of receipt of your donation. A river stone, which will be engraved with your name as donor or the person to be honoured, will be placed in the stone pyramid in Budhanilkantha consisting of stones representing all the donors.

Plant a tree in Nepal – it is a gift of hope for life!