Adults and especially children and patients at the Hape Kerkeling Clinic need clothing – many are too poor to clothe themselves. For this reason, Marianne Großpietsch always seeks old bedding and tablecloths in Germany which come to Nepal via “ant transport”.

“Ant transport” are volunteers or visitors who travel to Nepal and still have space in their suitcases. In this way, many metres of fabric have made their way to Shanti. The seamstresses use it to make practical shirts, trousers and suits for the children.

Bedding, clinic clothing and play clothes are made here.

Visitors often make an extra trip to the tailor shop and ask for tailor-made clothing – a great extra revenue source for the industrious seamstresses!

One speciality from seamstress Singha San is recycling old automobile inner tubes into bags, seat cushions and other practical things!