Nepalese women love to make handicrafts – they especially like the tedious detail work! Even hands damaged by leprosy create beautiful works of art.

That's why Marianne Großpietsch thought up special Christmas tree decorations for the Christmas bazaars, which can be made easily in Nepal and look lovely.

These include the very popular Shanti angels, which can actually “fly” because of the arrangement of their wings.

Or Christmas trees made of green brocade.

Besides the Christmas decorations, artistic pearl braids and decorations are made for silken mobile phone covers or scarves.

The felted figures, balls and decorative items like embroidered hearts are extremely popular.

The Waldorf dolls or grip balls made of colourful velvet that won't roll away make an ideal gift for a baby shower. These are made at Shanti in various sizes and stuffed with raw wool. This way, babies are welcome to put them in their mouths and “examine” these more closely.