Every individual needs to feel needed once every day – that is an old observation in life.

This is especially true for people who are normally excluded from Nepalese society and feel worthless and useless. Lepers, for example. Or those scarred by polio. Old, fragile people. The chronically ill. People with disabilities.

Despite their disadvantages, these people can provide a meaningful contribution to everyday life. Many of them have special talents – in drawing and painting, tailoring, weaving, carpentry, felting, stringing pearls, handicrafts and other artisanal activities. Others help out in the food kitchen. Or they print paper and fold envelopes.

Or they craft beautiful jewellery from silver and glass remnants.

All of the products produced in this way are sold for Shanti at bazaars, Christmas markets and charitable events in Germany and Switzerland by the Shanti Leprahilfe Dortmund e.V. organisation. In this way, Shanti residents contribute to raising donations themselves.

Even more: by pursuing useful employment despite their handicaps, they learn to appreciate themselves and find new purpose in their lives.

All Shanti residents receive a basic wage. By taking on additional work from visitors or volunteers, for example, they can earn a little extra.

If they are too old to participate productively in Shanti life, then they receive a small pension. Most of the people here help in the clinic or take care of needy patients.