The typical Shanti angels are created through several hours of handiwork.

It starts with the head and behind, then the angel gets a friendly smile. Everyone will be happy to see one of these!

Once the head, hair and behind are complete, the angel gets a dress and wings made of white silk.

Even the arms and laboriously sewn and stuffed with raw wool so that they stand aside.

The silver ribbon for handing is then affixed to the wings. Once the angel is hung, is truly “flies”!

The green and gold brocade Christmas tree ornaments can be hung on the Christmas tree or placed in a holiday wreath.

The paper Christmas stars, painted with gold colour, are very popular because they fold flat and are easy to send in an envelope. They simply join together for hanging by the silver ribbon.

Your entire Christmas tree can feature Shanti ornaments – all proceeds from the sale of decorations go directly to Shanti.