What can old newspapers be used for?

You can use wooden stamps to print colour and create an exceptional gift wrapping paper.

You can also cut them into fine strips and weave them into a decorative marqueterie for leather-bound portfolios.

Or you can fold envelopes out of them and print bright patterns.

Or you can craft them into sturdy bags.

Marianne Großpietsch comes up with ideas like these, and Shanti residents go happily to work making these a reality.

In this way, decorative and well as durable and useful products are created.

The hand-made paper typical of Nepal is used to create wrapping paper or cards with artistic cut-outs, which are then layered in front of a colourful background.

Like portfolios and CD cases, notebooks might also have binding made of textile scraps, printed newspaper or leather.

Shanti's gift wrapping paper is especially popular: Nepalese paper is made by hand in many bright colours and is printed with a wooden pattern. Bows made from this paper are a big hit at the German Christmas markets.